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Hi, I'm Joe


A Local With A Global Perspective

I'm a fourth generation New Orleanian who loves this city and wants to see it succeed. Living in the French Quarter for the past twelve years, and all over the city before that has helped me understand each neighborhood and the city as a whole. I'm intimately familiar with what works well and what doesn't work at all in each district. I studied Political Science and Sociology at the University of New Orleans during the Katrina years and have been with our town through some of it's best and worst moments. After college I embarked on a journey out of the country, to gain some perspective through cultural immersion, and was quickly pulled into the bottomless well of knowledge and experience that is independent travel. I spent two years on that first trip, circling the globe, searching for all the best places, trying to learn what makes a country and a city exceptional. I came home with a new perspective on life, and spent the next few years working with an art collective, organizing protests and immersing myself into the culture. Every year I would take expeditions into the world, eventually exploring over 65 countries and hundreds of cities in my passion to truly experience and understand the planet and learn what it takes to be among the best places on earth. Returning home each time with a widening base of knowledge I looked for ways to contribute to the community. Throughout it all I managed a portfolio of properties and opened a business in the Quarter. Seeing the city go through so much turmoil during the pandemic inspired me to transition to public service and run for Mayor because I feel the city needs a fresh perspective and a new approach which is exactly what I'm prepared to bring. 

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