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The Plan


Create a committee that focuses solely on streamlining road repair projects

Create a pot hole "police" unit to respond faster to dangerous crevasses and fill them in a timely manner

Use the best methods from around the world to maintain and improve infrastructure and apply cutting edge technology to make projects more efficient

Form a strong preventive maintenance program for the Sewerage and Water Board to ensure that we are using the best equipment at all times

Develop a plan to bury as many power lines as possible

Build a hurricane proof solar power generation facility capable of powering essential elements of the city during blackouts

Install solar panels and batteries at as many key businesses and buildings around the city as possible

Create a 10 year plan to make New Orleans more eco-conscious and a leader in the future transition to clean energy


Provide the police and emergency services of New Orleans with all the support that they require

Direct the Police to focus on crimes of aggression and violence

Spend more resources on detectives to solve crimes in a timely manner

Bridge the divide between the various law enforcement jurisdictions in the city so that the Federal, State, Parish, and City organizations can work together more efficiently

Promote non aggressive interactions between police and citizens to build relationships with the communities and respond to calls quicker

Institute a Gun Free Zone on Bourbon Street with heightened penalties for illegal possession

Offer free mental health care services to anyone in the city that needs them

Hire more social workers and give them the resources they need, as well as a raise so that they can tackle mental health and social concerns while the police solve actual crimes

Support for Locals

Raise the minimum wage across the city to $12 an hour and raise the minimum wage for tipped employees to $8 an hour

Offer tax breaks to businesses so that they can afford the increase

Offer grants to musicians and service industry workers that lost work throughout the pandemic

Create a healthcare union for musicians and service industry workers so that they can have better access to affordable but strong health insurance

Offer free entrepreneurship and technical training programs for locals to build a generation of real-world ready citizens that will be able to contribute to the future growth of our city

Help renters with late rent forgiveness grants

Offer tax breaks to landlords and building owners who helped renters or suffered considerable lost income throughout the pandemic

Give raises to Teachers and support them with better funding for supplies

Create a citywide free preschool and daycare program

Offer blighted properties up for auction starting at $1 and convert the rest into free housing for the homeless

Develop a downtown development program to work with owners to fix up empty buildings and convert them into affordable housing


Expand the French Quarter Entertainment District which only covers Bourbon Street now to include Royal and Chartres Streets between Iberville and Jackson Square

Allow short term rentals in the expanded zone to open up more capacity for locals in the residential neighborhoods, lower rents for locals, and to concentrate the tourists downtown where they usually prefer to stay anyway

Add a special French Quarter tax on new short term rentals to pay for sidewalk repairs and other improvements and require a one for one rule, one monthly apartment for each short term rental created

Make Royal Street a pedestrian mall full of bands and performers during the day as it was before

Create a free shuttle that passes by hotels, parking garages, and key points around the French Quarter to reduce car traffic in the Quarter and give tourists and locals alike a safe and easy way to park outside of the Vieux Carré and get around

Clean up the 100 block of Royal Street and add a Welcome to the Vieux Carré sign.

Entice growth industries to build outposts here by offering competitive tax structures and a laissez-faire atmosphere, always with the stipulation to hire locally

Pour resources into local projects with national or global appeal that have the potential to create a citywide economic boom

Encourage and incubate fresh ideas for capturing the future and turn our focus forward as we still always cherish and protect our irreplaceable culture


Bring glass bottle recycling to the entire city

Move past the standard cheap strings of Mardi Gras beads and develop a biodegradable alternative that we could produce here

Add light rail from the airport to downtown by tapping into the already existing line

Waive the ferry fee for locals and extend the hours

Eliminate all traffic cameras 

Start a monthly citywide red beans and rice cook off competition to bring the city together and then open it up as a forum to have the community more directly involved in government

End the vaccine mandate for low transmission environments and work on phasing mandates out completely once it is safe to do so

Offer low interest business loans and grants to locals trying to open something new using a citywide bond program

Offer free drug testing kits to any bar that requests them to put a stop to accidental overdoses

Make sure Mardi Gras 2022 happens

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